Fall in love with the earth…

wake up and fall

We need to wake up and fall in love with the earth.

Thich Nhat Hanh

We act like we have all the time in the world. But climate change is already showing its deadly effects. And it will only get worse.

Have a look at some of what we have done to the world so far.

“Without collective awakening the catastrophe will come,” warns Buddhist monk and Nobel Peace Prize winner Thich Nhat Hanh. “Civilisations have been destroyed many times and this civilisation is no different. It can be destroyed.”

But he is hopeful. “If we can produce a collective awakening we can solve the problem of global warming. Together we have to provoke that type of awakening.”

With the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris meeting coming up (COP21), it’s  time to wake up, to fall in love with the earth and commit to doing everything we can to turn things around. We will have to make sacrifices — yes — and we need to make a leap.

Small steps will no longer get us to where we need to go. So we need to leap.

I, for one, have signed the Leap Manifesto. This is a vision for how Canada can tackle climate change in a way that changes our country for the better.

The Leap Manifesto is a non-partisan social and political initiative. Those who have signed include supporters of all parties, and some who support none. All share the belief that now is the moment for a transformative agenda to come from outside electoral politics. History tells us that this kind of outside pressure is the best gift any new government can receive.

Will you join us? Make your support your gift to your children, grandchildren and all future generations.