Awards and exhibits…

“When gifts are given to me through my camera, I accept them graciously.” Minor White 

Welcome. I’m Sherry Galey. This is my photography space, a place where I look at the world through my lens — where I document life, experiment with photography and share the sparks of grace I see in my travels every day.

In addition to my blog, many of my images are displayed in galleries above. I hope you find something that speaks to your spirit here. I license many of my images through Getty Images (which you can view here) and I also offer some for sale through exhibitions. I welcome your comments.

sherry and david by Bob


Maclean’s Magazine, Great Canadian Photo Contest. February 2017. Winner, Editor’s Choice.

Scriven’s, Ottawa, October 2016. Grand prize.

Photo Life Magazine. Winning images published: “Fruit” contest winner in December/January 2017, “Kids” contest winner in April/May 2016 and “Patterns” contest winner in December/January 2016.

Curated exhibitions

West Carleton Arts Society, Almonte, Ontario. May to July, 2017.

Floral Fusion, Hobe Sound, Florida. January 2016

If you have any questions, please contact me directly using the following form.

One thought on “Awards and exhibits…

  1. Sherry Wow! You are becoming a real photographic artist… beautiful images that are not cliche or seen a million times before. And I love the abstracts. I was also thrilled to see the images and text about the Spanish festival. What a wonderful thing to witness. I’m now living with an artist who does sculpture and installations as well as his own idiosyncratic form of street theatre. He would be in heaven in that festival and would totally get the burning as he also practices zen. Thanks for sharing your travels and your vision of the world.

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