A gentle connection…

The theme of the wonderful blogging collaboration Focusing on Life this month is “connections.” Today Stephanie let me know that my photo of this gentle connection was this week’s INFOCUS selection. I’m delighted and honoured. Thank you so much.

I captured this moment when my little granddaughter was visiting us this summer. She loves animals so we took her to a friend’s farm to visit the horses and donkey.

The connection she made with this beautiful, sensitive creature was palpable and so heartwarming. It was one of those days that I was SO glad I had my camera with me.

Why not head on over and take a look at the wonderful photos and stories on this fabulous blog?


7 thoughts on “A gentle connection…

  1. Oh my, Sherry — you’ve beautifully captured such a tender moment. I love the quiet, peaceful communion between Niah and the horse, and at the same time, the dynamism with Niah’s left hand reaching to pet it. Sweet innocence and trust. Thank you. Mary Lou

  2. I love that even though we can only see a little of Niah’s face, we can intuitively picture the look on her face, and feel the joy, as she meets this beautiful animal. I also love that the horse is looking right at her. This image really does capture that “connection.”

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