Know where you can find some of the most inspiring photography on the Internet? On food blogs…

And as the weather turns chilly and wet, I find myself drawn to my favorite recipe sites to get my creative — and gastric — juices flowing. It’s a comforting and comfortable thing to do — and it often results in the urge to whip up some culinary creation — partly so I can eat it — but also so I can experiment with taking photos of it.

(I secretly aspire to be a food blogger…but that’s not in the cards for me, because my desire to be in the kitchen comes and goes with my mood — and appetite.)

So that’s how these double coconut muffins came into being. I was looking for a recipe to test out the virgin coconut oil I just bought, and I happened to have coconut on hand too.

Once I had baked the muffins and taste tested them (they passed with flying colours), I set about finding their best angle to photograph.

I styled them a few different ways and moved the muffins and the pile of coconut around here and there on the counter. I love the look of linen so I placed them on a linen napkin. I like this result. I especially like that now that the muffins are all gone, I can still enjoy them.

Here’s the recipe for Double Coconut Muffins in case you want to try them. It’s from one of my favorite recipe sites, Smitten Kitchen, where you get homespun stories and great photography along with every recipe. And blogger Deb has just published the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, which is going on my “to get” list right now.

While I’m at it, let me share a few more sites where the photography is as fabulous as the food.

101 Cookbooks (Heidi’s recipes are unique, tasty, natural and super healthy and she is a superb photographer. I especially love her Polaroids.)

Orangette (Molly just had a baby so she is not blogging as much as she used to, but I suggest you browse the archives and delight in her lovely writing, quirky photography and yummy recipes — she loves breads and desserts. I can recommend her memoir too, A Homemade Life.)

Tea and Cookies (This one is far more than a recipe site; it’s full of Tara’s thoughtful reflections on life. She’s someone I’d love to be friends with. Check out her recent post Anatomy of a Food Photo.)

If you want to improve your food photography, here’s a nice tutorial I just ran across on using Lightroom 4.

So what about you? Do you have favorite sites you go to to look at glamour shots of food? (I refuse to call it food porn!) Do you like making images of food? Why not share some links…

Looks good enough to eat….

11 thoughts on “Looks good enough to eat….

  1. Looks so good Sherry. I can see you as a food blogger photographer 🙂 That would be fun, but dangerous! I’d probably keep eating my props.

  2. Just not enough time for all our interests is there? But it’s a good problem to have. Means life is full and rich and there’s always something around the corner to explore…

  3. Thanks, Laurie. Yes, food photography can be quite tricky…that’s why I admire it so much when it is well done and the food actually looks good. I will keep at it…

  4. I LOVE the food photos on your blog. They are beautifully lit and so appetizing. You should do a feature using some of the ones on your hard drive! I do like Pioneer Woman and her step-by-step photos. Thanks for the other two sites and the recipe; will check out right away!

  5. Thank you for the references on the food blogs. I knew about Orangette but not the other two. I have now bookmarked them for the future. I would ♥ to be a food photographer…but the time just isn’t here with me…still working full time…boo! ☺ Have a great day.

  6. Looks delicious, the reason you say you go to food blogs is the reason I try and stay away. They make me want to eat. 😦 I love food blogs always such beautiful images. I avoid the food channel also. I have no will power.

  7. Yes, I also love some of the food blogs – 101 Cookbooks has long been one of my favorite sites too! I often visit it late in the afternoon when I need some dinner inspiration, though my focus has been more on the recipes than on the photos (but I agree, they’re very good).

    Your photo is lovely! I find food photos challenging – getting the light right can be tricky and often the subject doesn’t look nearly as tasty as it is in real life. You’ve done very well with the coconut muffins – great composition, perfect light and exposure. Yummy looking!

  8. I love your image — perfect and appetizing. Oh yes, I love to take photographs of food. In fact, I take so many that at least 99% of them never make it online. My Lightroom files are loaded! I do have a couple of favourite food blogs: FoodBlogga (like Orangette she too has not been posting as often as she used to but she does have a couple books) and the other one I really enjoy a lot is A Cup of Jo (and try this pumpkin dessert: ). Oops, nearly forgot about the PioneerWoman too! :~) Enjoy.

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