I was drawn back to the sea today…

Ballast yourself with reality. Then throw yourself into the sea. The sea is inspiration. 

Victor Hugo


Experimenting with longer exposures. This was taken just after sunset at F9, .6 sec. ISO 200.

21 thoughts on “I was drawn back to the sea today…

  1. What a beautiful shot of the sea, Sherry. That longer exposure has really given the water a dreamy look. I love the colour of the rocks and the green of the sea and how the sand glistens!
    Thank you for your friendly visit to my place!

  2. Stunning — the light, the swooping strands of water, the colour of the sand and rock. Thanks, Sherry.

  3. outstanding result! I have to admit it’s likely been close to 2 years since I’ve done any real long exposures. I did a couple to catch some moon and clouds images but they don’t count really. You’ve inspired me to get out — reach a bit — and do more long exposures. This turned out beautifully!

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