Guardians of being…

I got my first dog 14 1/2 years ago…a wonderful little Westie we named Angus. Angus is with us now on the sailboat, along with Charles, who we rescued two years ago. (They have made several appearances on this blog.) These two little guys have taught me so much, and have opened me up to a love of dogs that I did not have growing up. There is nothing to compare to the connection I have with my boys.

The lovely boy below is named Virgil and he is a gentle companion to a friend of ours in Florida. I spent part of one night recently trying to capture Virgil on camera. I have chosen this image for Kat Sloma’s Photo Heart connection for February because it symbolizes a heart that has opened more and more to dogs.


Eckhart Tolle calls dogs “guardians of being” because “the dog keeps you in touch with being — the innermost core. You can look into the eyes of the dog and see that innermost core. ”

“Just be alert as you watch a dog, playing, resting; play with a dog…you can learn being present from an animal. Your dog can teach you to be present because the dog is ready to enjoy, celebrate life any moment…the Now. The dog is in the Now so it can teach you or remind you. When you become burdened with problems, look at your dog and see how the dog is always ready to celebrate life.”

Tolle believes that dogs play a vital role in keeping many people sane right now in this alienated and alienating world we live in. I don’t know about keeping me sane — the jury is out on that one 😉 — but my two definitely remind me of what is truly and deeply important every single day. What does your dog bring to your life?

13 thoughts on “Guardians of being…

  1. Thank you, Ken, for sharing those memories of Rexy. The love we have for our dogs is hard to describe but when you’ve experienced it you know how others feel too. Bob took a trip down to Florida with Angus one year and they had conversations like yours with Rexy.

  2. This post brought many memories to mind, especially of my last dog Rexy. Your comments regarding their eyes is oh so true. Rexy and I made many trips to the cabin together and I remember some our conversations as the miles rolled by. Of course I did most of the talking but I always felt she was participating in the conversation. On one occasion I ended the conversation with” and what do you think about that”. She continued to look straight ahead, she was large enough to see over the dashboard, and after a few seconds she turned my way and in her eyes she seemed to say I think you’re right. I loved that dog…….

  3. a beautiful portrait Sherry — lovely work. I’ve had dogs my entire life and they have been the siblings I never had; they knew my secrets and heartaches and never judged me; they gave me comfort; entertained me; and always an unconditional love. Cesar Milan would be pleased to read Tolle’s quote about dogs living in the moment — so very true.

  4. Virgil is a lovely dog and you did well with his portrait. I don’t have any pets at present, but I have had some very special ones in the past. These days I just cherish the wild things I see outside my windows.

  5. Great shot. What a sweet boy! My dog, Brady is my best friend. Lol…he’s the only one in the family who’s truly happy and excited to see me when I come home from work…everyday!

  6. Beautiful post Sherry, as a lover of dogs I always enjoy people also who love them. Great names for your pooches especially Angus, love that. You did such a gorgous job on Charles what a beautiful dog he is, if he was a person he would be a Super Model for sure.

  7. Such a nice portrait of this dog. I don’t own a dog, but always had them growing up and I remember how important they were to me with their unconditional love. These days, just being in nature or observing a flower in my home or a pretty stone or crystal can bring me fully into this moment. We are so lucky to be aware of all these things.

  8. I loved your post and couldn’t agree more…dogs are just so special and such great companions…always…we rescued our Gracie 5 years ago…and she is the love of our house…
    Hope your weekend was perfect.

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