Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

me nostalgic

What am I nostalgic for?

I was in the big city of Toronto recently. I used to live there in my early twenties — when all things were still possible and the days and nights were long and full of fun, friends and intellectual and cultural stimulation. Art house movies, live music, plays, eating out, exploring and discovering…

I spent a lot of time on the subway in those days, roaming the city. I loved it. I still love the subway, and its speed. I love observing people, listening to their conversations, and chatting with them from time to time. I love letting my imagination run wild.

I had the strong urge to make pictures in the subway on this visit, lo these many years later. When I saw how this image turned out, it grabbed me. It reminded me of me — and captured so well how I felt in those days — and how I remember those days now.

Sharing this with WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

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  4. through your words and image you have conveyed this perfectly. You are a talented writer and fine photographer Sherry.

  5. OK i am going to try this again….left one comment but couldn’t remember my password, so it went in the proverbial internet trash. But….I love this photo, and your words are just perfect to illustrate it!!

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  9. I never lived in a big city and I didn’t travel on a subway very often at all…and now, I’m kind of intimidated by them…the hustle and bustle makes me nervous and I’m always afraid I’ll get lost…so I would never go alone..when I was in London and New York though, I did figure out their value so I’m a bit better today….
    Your photo is fantastic though and that is just how it feels to me…crazy busy..
    Ah but the sea,, don’t ever take me away from the water. On the sea or on the lake, I’m always at home….
    A beautiful, revealing post…

  10. So nice to remember those years when you lived in the city of Toronto. I love the feeling of speed in your image and how this reminds you of when you took the subway. The image is almost dream-like too as you think back to days gone by and the excitement of living in the fast lane!

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