Watching with glittering eyes…

madison and apples

Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

Roald Dahl

This is the way I want to see the world, as a child does, with glittering eyes and an unconditioned mind and an open heart. And this is the way I do see the world more now than ever before because of photography.

Today I am celebrating and paying tribute to the many online friends and photography buffs that I have connected with in Canada, the United States and many other countries through social media.

Thank you for sharing with me the magic you find in the world and the unique and exciting ways YOU see it — through your images and your words. I am regularly gobsmacked (good Irish expression there) by your particular vision and passion.

We use our eyes and our lenses and our artistic tools so differently, but what we share is profound — a gratitude and appreciation for the gifts that keep coming — even in the times that challenge us to our core. We support each other and encourage each other. And we keep coming back to what is truly important.

Indeed Rumi is right: “there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”


21 thoughts on “Watching with glittering eyes…

  1. Sherry -this is beautifully written and photographed, as always and I couldn’t agree more. I’m glad I “met” you and hope to meet you someday. Meanwhile, I am thankful for your inspiration and you creativity daily!

  2. So beautiful, Sherry! And I’m humbled to count myself as one of your online friends. I hope some day, we can make it real life, in person friends. Thank you for all the beauty you so generously share. xo

  3. What a little sweetheart with her tiny apples and amber beads!
    I too have learned to appreciate how other people see the beauty around them and how they portray that in their own particular way!
    Perfect Roald Dahl quotation about believing in magic!

  4. I can feel your gratitude here in this beautiful post and I feel the same way. You have amazed me with your photography and ability to see with childlike eyes the magic and wonder. Keep it up, girl, and I hope to meet you in person some day soon!

  5. Wow, this is just beautiful, and I’ve never heard it said so well! I feel the same about all the beautiful people I’ve met online, and their inspirational work. This little sweet face with a gleam in her eye is just precious!!

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  7. Yes…through the eyes of a child we can find great wisdom and honesty. That’s where I try to go these days with my eyes and my lens. I am so grateful to my on-line friends. Many have taught me to reach for things I did not know we’re even out there.
    Your words are beautiful Sherry. Thanks for this beautiful image today.

  8. Beautiful thoughts and wonderful words Sherry. And this wee one is absolutely adorable. A great reminder to keep seeing the world with those eyes of wonder. You’ve actually changed my outlook today — I’d been feeling “glumpy” and a bit down and the dull, rainy day wasn’t helping. Your photograph and your heartfelt words have taken me up 10 notches. Thank you! xo

  9. This is such a wonderful post! When I began my online journey, I could never have imagined where it would lead, what people I would meet … some for ‘real’! It’s opened a beautiful world to me and I’m so glad you’re part of my online world.

  10. Great message and lovely photo! I join you in the celebration. May we keep on seeing and appreciating the gifts that come our way, despite how challenging these times are proving to be. Thanks, Sherry – and here’s to all of us!

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