The New York Series…Part 2

parkbridge1000 copy

Yesterday I posted an overview of Central Park in autumn shot from the Top of the Rockefeller Plaza. Today, let’s go into the park and enjoy some more intimate views…

Before I left for New York, I made a shot list. I knew that there was so much to see and capture in New York City that I might get overwhelmed if I didn’t at least have an idea of what I was hoping to photograph. It turned out to be a good idea for me. I didn’t get everything on the list and I got lots of shots I didn’t plan to, just by being open to what I was drawn to in the environment, but overall I feel that doing some advance research was well worth the effort.

Let me give you an example. I knew I wanted to shoot Central Park. But where? As was evident in yesterday’s shot, the park is huge and you could walk around in it for days…I knew I didn’t have a whole lot of time and I had plenty of other places on my list, so I decided to be selective.

I figured New York, being south of where I live, was still likely to have colourful leaves on the trees. So I googled fall foliage in New York and discovered that the fall colour was likely to be at its peak last week. Good start!

Then I went to one of my favorite photo sharing sites — 500 px — and did a search for Central Park. This site is chock full of wonderful high-quality images that provide great inspiration. The search function works really well (much better than flickr)  because it can filter by date and also by popularity.

Lo and behold I saw a stunning image of a beautiful stone bridge covered with red ivy. I could see that it had been taken only a few days before so that confirmed that the colours were still quite glorious.

I could also see that it was called the Gapstow Bridge. I love stone bridges (covered with ivy especially) and this is a beauty. It did not take long to find out that this particular bridge was in the southeast corner of the park, not far from the entrance. Bingo! I had a great destination all picked out.

Once I got into the park, I had to ask directions to the bridge, but it was only a short walk and there it was! I was in my element running back and forth trying to capture the bridge from a variety of perspectives with a few different lenses. It was obvious that it had a completely different personality and feel shot from different vantage points. It was late afternoon so the sun was providing fairly nice light.

I am more comfortable with intimate landscapes than really large ones, so that is what I tend to shoot. But it was good practice to try to capture some wider shots as well.

woman walking on bridge1000framed

I had to work around the people who were walking across the bridge and feeding the ducks at the water’s edge. Sometimes I like to have people in my shots, but I did want to make sure I got some of just the bridge.

I probably could have stayed there a good while longer, but the Metropolitan Opera’s performance of Tosca was on the agenda for that evening, so I had to reluctantly wrap it up. (Little did I know then that by the end of the night I would become a raving fan of opera and especially Roberto Alagna! If you’re curious why, click here to hear.)

As I walked out of the park, I managed to get a few shots of the park’s trees with the New York skyline behind.

I just love images that show the natural and built worlds side by side, which stands out so clearly at the edge of Central Park. Such a study in contrast.

If you’re going to New York and don’t have days to wander at will, a bit of advance research can really save you a lot of time.

skyscrapers from central park1000col

buildings behind park1000framed

20 thoughts on “The New York Series…Part 2

  1. Wonderful photos, Sherry! Really!! And I love the idea of researching before you go. I need to do that because I always find myself overwhelmed when I’m in a new place.

  2. Terrific shots: I love the one of the bridge and the ducks, with the rock anchoring the lower right and mirroring the water ripples. And so much wonderful info, including the introduction to Roberto Alagno! Thanks, Sherry!

  3. How super wonderful Sherry, your post is packed with such beauty and information. I have searched for info like this through google but not to the other source 500px will give that a try. Looks like such a good resource. Thank you so much for this, will make it so much easier especially for a women who is trying to find her way around a city in a short amount of time. Time is precious when you want to take images. I am in awe at all that beautiful focus and color, just WOW.

  4. What stunning shots, Sherry. I especially love those first two with the vibrant colours and the bridge is so lovely with those red leaves growing against the side. The warm reflections in the water are very appealing and remind us how beautiful and short-lived autumn is.
    You chose the perfect time to visit New York and walk in Central Park!

  5. This post and photos are simply spectacular Sherry!! That first image is superbly focused and framed! And the red ivy on the bridge – wow! What a beautiful collection you have so far of Central Park and architecture. So beautifully written…what a pleasure to read and look at!

  6. I really love the first image of the bridge and those ones at the end juxtaposing the trees against the concrete jungle — excellent. I love that you did a shot list. You know, I always did a shot list when I would take photos for people’s animals and then some people portraits but to be perfectly honest, I’ve never done a shot list for my own pleasure. Great idea — I think I consider the work photo procedures and my personal ones differently but really shouldn’t!

  7. I’m in love with that ivy covered bridge and you captured it so beautifully! Central Park looks so beautiful in the fall. And wow, you are an opera fan too…I got into opera a few years back when my son played violin in a production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni. I will be going to a production of Tosca this January, although it’s semi-staged but I’m still excited!
    Wonderful post, Sherry, thank you for sharing!

  8. Such a lovely job here Sherry and your research paid off…love the colors and your framing on those two landscape shots…I joined 500 px quite awhile ago but have not kept up on it..I love how you searched there…we are going to Savannah Georgia in a few weeks..think I’ll check that out…thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Great photos – again. I love, love the bridge. And your perspective of the city near the park are so good. I love your blog, too. So full of great info! Thanks.

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