The Simplicity Project, No. 1


Going to seed….

December is here and thus begins my simplicity project.

This has been inspired by Kim Manley Ort and so I am joining her in posting images that are simpler and more minimal than usual. It’s a way to remind myself to focus on what is really essential in an image and in the rest of life too.

If this also appeals to you, there’s a Flickr group devoted to Photographic Simplicity that you are welcome to join.

9 thoughts on “The Simplicity Project, No. 1

  1. A beautiful, clean look Sherry. What a great idea for this month. If I don ‘to make it over there it will be fun to see what you do and perhaps pick it up for the first of the year.

  2. Beautiful, Sherry. I love the way you’ve captured a dance with the three flowers. Looking forward to seeing other images!

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