8 thoughts on “The Simplicity Project, Nos. 15 and 16

  1. Dotti, I think you’ll really like the 50 mm class with Kim M-O. She is a very generous and lovely instructor. I think the Simplicity course will be great too. And thank you so much for mentioning that you’ve been enjoying my simplicity project on Facebook. So kind of you!

  2. Oh, the simplicity! It is so necessary this time of year. I see that Kim Manley Ort is doing a simplicity class in May. I’m seriously considering it. I’ve signed up for the 50 mm class she’s doing in January. I’ve never done anything with her so I’m looking forward to it. {And to answer your question about my Christmas cards, yes, I used my own photos.}

  3. Once again, two beautiful images. The first one evokes more of an emotional response for me; I love the faint patterning of leaves in water, along with the play of mirrored clouds. Lovely, Sherry! I hope you’ll make a book out of these.

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