Charles, the perfect cruising boat dog…

charlespaw down 2charles on tahiti beach 2cute charlescharles resting on doorstep2charles hopping into boatcharles getting ready to go in dinghy

I wanted to pay tribute to our perfect little cruising dog, Charles, who has been incredibly adaptable and laid back this trip, not to mention affectionate and fun to be with.

Charles never complains, enjoys all activities, socializes nicely with others, loves exploring new spots, and puts up with a few inconveniences! He can be quiet or active depending on what the situation requires.

As for us, we just try to follow his lead!

We’re still in Marsh Harbour. We think we’ve spotted a good window for crossing to the US — next Wednesday. That means we need to start our journey to West End tomorrow since a storm is forecast for the weekend. We hope to resume the journey on Monday after taking a slip at Green Turtle Cay. If all goes well we will be at West End ready to go across the Gulf Stream on Wednesday morning. Hope the weather is mild and cooperative so that we have fair winds and smooth sailing.

See you back here soon!


28 thoughts on “Charles, the perfect cruising boat dog…

  1. Hi Bob, Great pictures of Charles, he’s looking content, confident and salty. Do you keep him tethered when under sail? Ken

  2. Wonderful photos of Charles! And it’s clear that he’s held in much affection by you and Bob. Safe crossing, Sherry. xoxo

  3. I have to ask, sorry. I hopefully will start the boating life in the near future. I have to wonder how you cater to the dogs bathroom (for lack of better words) needs while on board. You are obviously not always going to be handy to a dock to let the dog disembark to tend to his needs. Where do they go? (I have a dog and would like to be able to travel with the dog too)
    Sorry for being so bold as to ask personal questions.
    Enjoy the trip and safe travels.

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