Almost heaven…

blackwater falls

Blackwater Falls

I am such a cliche!

It was my first time in West Virginia — other than passing through — and all I can sing is John Denver’s song…”Country Roads”.

Mostly in my head…but sometimes in the car, heh heh, in my inimitable out-of-tune style…

I just can’t help it.

But he sure got it right.

Almost heaven, West Virginia
Blue ridge mountains, Shenandoah river
Life is old there, older than the trees
Younger than the mountains, growin’ like a breeze… 

We were invited to stay at a remote cabin in the eastern part of the state that had been built by a friend’s son using plans provided by Bob’s brother. A lovely cosy place with a fireplace that got quite a work out!

It was a very short trip — and the weather was rainy and misty pretty much the whole time.

But that didn’t deter us.

The first day we drove to Seneca Rocks…

When we returned home, I posted this image on Facebook just to give my friends a little taste of where I was.

seneca rockslr

Seneca Rocks

And what did I see? “You’re here? So am I!!!!!!!”


A fabulous photographer, Denise, (see her wonderful photography and writing here) who I had met while taking an online class a while back had been in exactly the same place the same day. And we had eaten in the same deli.

And neither of us knew it.

She posted her shot of Seneca Rocks too.

Now what are the chances of that happening? (We live in Canada 560 miles away and she lives in Ohio.)

Sadly, our trip was too short to figure out a way to meet up (next time!), but we had some good Facebook chats.

I surely appreciated her tips and advice and soaked up her enthusiasm for the area. Her family roots go deep and her passion is profound for the landscape and the people.

I can well see why now. She and her husband and dog, Arthur, the cutest Corgi ever, love to cruise the backroads of the state soaking up the colour and atmosphere.

And that was what we did too.

wvroad2 deerlrTWO DEERmisty scenewvroadlr

I dedicate this post to Denise, a real life mountain momma…

Sing with me…

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads

— John Denver

16 thoughts on “Almost heaven…

  1. I saw some of these shots on facebook and thought they were incredible. Oh the loveliness of the season that your have captured, simply stunning. Sorry you missed your photo buddy Denise. It’s really fun meeting those that you have met via classes and blogs.

  2. I always enjoy following your photographic journeys. WV in the Fall is breathtaking, and you captured it beautifully.

  3. Thanks Sherry for taking us down those country roads. Serene and peaceful – a welcome mini-vacation just looking at these glorious photos.

  4. It’s really a small world after all. We met a friend from Lexington in the Paris airport and we’d been on the same flight over. Today, my daughter and granddaughter were at Disney World for less than 2 hours and ran into two families from home. It’s crazy. But your photos are not! They are heaven. I can’t believe all the color they have there already. We’re kind of faded green here. We’re right next door to WV but all we ever do is pass through. That may have to change.

  5. I’m honored, Sherry! Cloudless day today! (Provides different challenges in photography than the fog and mist). When Ed and I said “I do”…we left the front of the church as Mr. and Mrs. Fabian to “Country Roads.” And every time WVU wins at home, they play it and the stadium sings it. A classic! Lovely post…

  6. Oh my, heavenly autumn! We have only driven through West Virginia on our way to North Carolina…thinking we need to stop and spend some time there now. The fall colors down there look spectacular as ours are slow to turn this year.

  7. These photos are beautiful, Sherry. We did the Blue Ridge Parkway last year and you photos remind me of the beauty of this part of the US. We will be going through western Kentucky and Tennessee this year on our trip south. I am looking forward to it.

  8. What a beautiful and colorfilled post Sherry. We have a time-share in Virginia and of course it runs along the Blue Ridge Mountains and it meet the Shenandoah Valley but we have never stayed there. Your photo’s were so lovely, it is now on our bucket list. When I’m ready, I’ll check in with you..
    I love that you came across so much color so early…the light and color just make for some love photo’s and of course the little deer were cute. We have lots of those here so we don’t jump out of the car for them anymore…LOL I do like how yours is looking back at you though…
    So happy you got to enjoy it and I’m a believer that rain makes for lovely saturated colors…
    Thanks for the trip…I sure enjoyed it.

  9. OK, so now I’ve got that song in my head for the next week at least! Fortunately it’s one I always liked. 🙂

    Gorgeous place and beautiful images – I especially love the one of the deer looking back over her shoulder….but the landscapes are lovely, too.

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