Valencia in the spring was full of wonders. There were just so many visual delights and so much that I wanted to preserve with my camera.

Now that I’m back from my Spanish odyssey, and as I go through my images, I notice a preoccupation with certain subjects — balconies being one of them.

It seems I was always looking up to appreciate elegant and intricate balcony design, which also has a very functional use.

The hot and sunny Mediterranean climate is perfectly suited to balconies from where residents can enjoy their own outdoor space, or simply watch the world go by on bustling streets below.

I’m drawn to the symmetry and repetition of multiple similar balconies, as well as the opportunities they provide for individual self-expression.

Here are just a few examples.





blue and green balconies

theatre talialr

The Thalia Theatre

reflection in window

Balcony love…

21 thoughts on “Balcony love…

  1. Your obsession here may stem from past desires to be out of doors in the Canadian winter. Or perhaps the wrought iron represents the barriers you install to keep yourself grounded. The rum here in the DR is very inexpensive and good.

  2. Guess what? All of those balconies have stories. Remember Juliet on the balcony saying, “Romeo, Romeo, whereforth art thou?” Romeo retorted, “Juliet, you need glasses. I’m down here.”

  3. Yes, I have several more shots with people on them, as you saw. Those are fun too! It really was a very special trip Cheryl, which I will be enjoying for a long time through images and memories…

  4. This is so interesting to me, Sherry, and brings back so many wonderful memories.
    When I was in Spain, I was completely captivated by the balconies.
    Everywhere I turned, one was more beautiful than the one before it.
    These are wonderful!

  5. I love them all and it is fun for us tourist to enjoy the people on them. My favorite through are those purple ones. They really stand out and are so joyful. Looks like a lovely trip.

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