Man o’ War Cay…

We headed over to Man o’ War Cay the other day to drop off our jib for repair. It was a 50 minute ferry ride from Marsh Harbour. We stayed for the rest of the day to explore the cay and have lunch.

The history of Man o’ War Cay began with a shipwreck and a love story. In 1820 16-year-old Benjamin Albury found himself shipwrecked on the cay. He fell in love with Nellie Archer, whose parents had settled there to farm in 1798.

They married and today the name Albury is everywhere, from on the ferry line to boat-building to a popular canvas bag-making enterprise.

Boat-building began in the 1880’s and today Man o’ War Cay is home to self-sufficient and resilient residents who are proud of their island and their boat-building heritage.

We loved this little unspoiled cay and here is just a brief taste of what Bob, Charles and I enjoyed recently. (You may notice a certain colour story going on here…I can’t seem to get away from it, but nor do I want to!)

12 thoughts on “Man o’ War Cay…

  1. very interesting Sherry. I too love the colours, especially the doors and the main colour of the house. Wow, gorgeous there

  2. That is a gorgeous color! So perfectly tropical and stimulating. Love it! And this sounds like such a fascinating little placy.

  3. Those are your colours, aren’t they! You are definitely in the right place! Keep ’em coming.

  4. The colors are so dramatic..I love that shade of aqua..such lovely shots of this really quiet looking Cay…oh Girl, you are living the life…enjoy.

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