Still and All…

Happy Canada Day!

Canadians from coast to coast to coast today are celebrating being Canadian and living in one of the greatest countries of the world. In large cities and small, in rural areas, in large and small groups, we are expressing our affection and gratitude for this unique country of ours.

Fror many years we lived in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, and spent many Canada Days surrounded by hundreds of thousands of joyful people near the Parliament Buildings. And watching the amazing fireworks in person. It was loud, it was fun and it was a bit crazy.

This Canada Day, we’re going small and simple and spending time with our neighbours and friends in our small town of Almonte just outside of Ottawa — a town we have come to appreciate deeply.

almonte canada day

Here, it’s calm, it’s quieter and it’s just as much fun.

This morning our downtown main street was lined with vintage cars and turned into a pedestrian thoroughfare. People were in great spirits checking out the cars, eating ice cream, visiting the shops and chatting with friends.

girl and flag

Now I’ve never been a huge fan of cars as vehicles, but I do love old things, and especially old beautiful things with great lines that have been lovingly taken care of.

I gave myself a challenge to find a set of images I loved from among the huge collection of vehicles that graced our main street.

This afternoon features music and a feast in the park — unless it’s rained out of course (hope not) — and then fireworks. Hope I can catch those.

But for now, the cars…

It’s really the details that I love most and really say vintage to me.

almonte vintage

white walls