The colours of Valencia…

yellow flowers

Valencia! Or Valenthia, as it is pronounced here…What a lovely place to spend some time in the spring. Oranges, paella, tapas, Agua de Valencia (a local cocktail), horchata (a milky drink made of tiger nuts), Las Fallas (an annual cultural celebration in March) and warm climate are all immensely appealing to me, as is the history, culture, architecture and Mediterranean coastline. And that’s just for starters.

I’ll be doing a series of posts on Valencia as I explore the area with my camera. But since I just got here, let me start with a short post on what first grabbed me — the colour! So here’s some of my first impressions of this fascinating city, the third largest in Spain.


17 thoughts on “The colours of Valencia…

  1. It’s so nice to see the color – I can imagine the warmth! I love that last photo, the brilliant golden yellow building and the fashionable lady in matching sweater. What a happy juxtaposition!

  2. So, so beautiful! How wonderful to spend the end of a snowy winter engulfed in such vibrant colors! Espana! My dream. Enjoy.

  3. WOW looks like a beautiful place and no shortness of warmth Sherry 😀 I think fellow Monochromia contributor Charly Senall lives in El Masanu by Barcelona. Great images and although I’m a black and white fanatic I could surely get used to these colors.

  4. These are really beautiful, Sherry. I’m sure a little colour was just what you needed. I’ve never been to Spain and love seeing it vicariously through your lens.

  5. Oh I can tell your enjoying this so much Sherry. I’m so happy for you that you and Bob got away and to such a beautiful place…
    The first photo with the light on the flower is gorgeous and the rest, with all those bright colors, little alleyways, (reminds me of France) and the cafe, all so beautiful.. your making me long for Europe once again and hopefully next year for our 50th the world will not be so crazy and we will go back…
    I feel the excitement in your voice (words) and can’t wait to see what else you come up with…enjoy every tiny moment…
    I have a friend who’s daughter is going to school there in Valencia…I’m going to try to send her your post…She goes to Berklee School of Music in Boston but it there for a year in Spain…she would love this…Thanks so much for sharing so soon…xoxoxo

  6. You are right Sherry!! The colors are amazing and capture them beautifully. You are such an eye for beauty.

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