August break, Day 11


The prompt for the August Break today is handwriting — and I was all set to go in that direction — until I spotted this beautiful face and exquisite face-painting at a puppet festival in town. I thought it was appropriate.

How’s that you say? It reminded me of Japanese flower painting, which reminded me of calligraphy, which is a form of handwriting, so that’s how I made the association…(my mind is weird that way…)

Now for another treat. I just discovered the work of Elle Bruce, a Canadian photographer, through 500px. When I entered her site, I immediately knew this was someone whose photography I wanted to see more of.

I have started to dip into her blog and am thoroughly enjoying her posts. Too many landscapes these days are way overdone in my opinion — contrived and over-processed. Elle’s are quiet and subtle, but they get under your skin.

Have a look at her portfolio  if you have a chance. You can also follow her on Facebook.