The city is like poetry…

empire state LR

A poem compresses much in a small space and adds music, thus heightening its meaning. The city is like poetry: it compresses all life, all races and breeds, into a small island and adds music and the accompaniment of internal engines. The island of Manhattan is without any doubt the greatest human concentrate on earth, the poem whose magic is comprehensible to millions of permanent residents but whose full meaning will always remain elusive.

E.B. White, Here Is New York


Maria Popova of Brainpickings calls Here is New York by EB White one of the best books about New York ever written. 

Her post here also includes an incredible series of black and white images of New York by Berenice Abbott. Well worth having a look.

10 thoughts on “The city is like poetry…

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  2. Sherry, this is an astonishing image! The clarity, the tones, and the way the light falls on that building in the centre is utterly gorgeous. I can feel the poetry here – just wonderful.

  3. It is just amazing how you find the perfect words for your photo…this is such a stunning capture of Manhattan, taken from such a great vantage point…and the words bring it all to life…this is not easy to do it well Sherry.

  4. Not sure I agree that a city (especially such a large one) has a comparable magic as a great poem (but then, you know I’m not exactly a city person!). But the photo is excellent. I love the light in it, the darker clouds over the top & the brooding quality that suggests, and the way the buildings fade off in the mist. Well done!

  5. I’m trying to feel the idea of poetry being in a city! I guess that poetry can be anywhere really, it’s up to us and our way of experiencing things and seeing them with the eyes of a poet!

  6. Oh my…what a stunning photo. And of course the connection with poetry is one that I endorse wholeheartedly! Thanks, Sherry! xo ML

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