August break, Day 23

Taken at Great Guana Cay, Bahamas, in April 2014.

I really want to thank Susan Licht for giving me the impetus to do more black and white photography. It is one of my favorite forms and yet I don’t do enough of it. Participating in the Life in Black and White group on Facebook has been a great motivator.

A talented image-maker with such an affinity for light, Susan has the perfect name for a photographer — it is pronounced “light”. When I first saw her images on Flickr, I immediately resonated with her choice of subject matter, and her approach, which exudes warmth. Few days have gone by since then that she has not shared a new image that has both astonished and delighted. I have learned a huge amount from observing her artistic development.

Embed from Getty Images

Susan used to be a teacher and I can tell she would have been an excellent one, because she is a born encourager of others. She fairly bubbles over with enthusiasm for the art and craft of photography — her own and her tribe’s. Her own work and her contributions to others have won her many friends and admirers. I am quite in awe of how she manages to keep it all up.

Susan blogs at Licht Years, she has a very popular Flickrstream and she sells her images   through Getty Images. You can see one of my very favorite images of hers above. If you aren’t already a huge fan, I think you will become one.