August break, Day 23

Taken at Great Guana Cay, Bahamas, in April 2014.

I really want to thank Susan Licht for giving me the impetus to do more black and white photography. It is one of my favorite forms and yet I don’t do enough of it. Participating in the Life in Black and White group on Facebook has been a great motivator.

A talented image-maker with such an affinity for light, Susan has the perfect name for a photographer — it is pronounced “light”. When I first saw her images on Flickr, I immediately resonated with her choice of subject matter, and her approach, which exudes warmth. Few days have gone by since then that she has not shared a new image that has both astonished and delighted. I have learned a huge amount from observing her artistic development.

Embed from Getty Images

Susan used to be a teacher and I can tell she would have been an excellent one, because she is a born encourager of others. She fairly bubbles over with enthusiasm for the art and craft of photography — her own and her tribe’s. Her own work and her contributions to others have won her many friends and admirers. I am quite in awe of how she manages to keep it all up.

Susan blogs at Licht Years, she has a very popular Flickrstream and she sells her images   through Getty Images. You can see one of my very favorite images of hers above. If you aren’t already a huge fan, I think you will become one.


8 thoughts on “August break, Day 23

  1. Saw this on FB and LOVED it so much!! And Yes, Susan’s work is spectacular…I’ve been following her on Flickr and her blog and completely agree about her lovely works of light, and her encouraging support and friendliness!! Beautifully done Sherry! You are a delight to know!

  2. I agree with all that you’ve shared about Susan. You two are both talented — and it is quite evident in that Getty Images has discovered you both!

  3. Sherry, this photograph is gorgeous, and so perfect in black and white.
    I have “known” Susan for a couple of years now, and her work is truly beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh this is so beautiful and such deep and strong contrast…you are a wonderful black and white photographer…funny, I’ve been leaning a bit more towards black and white lately also…I’ve redone all the reunion photos to black and white…
    You are growing and changing every day yourself Sherry…it’s a pleasure to visit you.

    Oh and I love Susan Licht also…but have not visited her blog…I’ll get over there right now.

  5. I love that sea in black and white, so dramatic! I’ve stumbled on Susan here and there around the web but haven’t really followed her, going to check out her work now. Have a great weekend!

  6. dear sherry, I am truly honored and thrilled to be mentioned here on your beautiful blog. you have been such an inspiration to me and a wonderful source of support, I am so happy to have “met” you! thank you for making my day! xxoo

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