Palms and patina

Having been born in Singapore and lived as a child in Puerto Rico before moving to the land of maples and silver birches, I think palm trees are in my blood. I always feel at home when I’m surrounded by these strong, graceful giants.

I used intentional blur here to emphasize the constant movement of the trees in the wind — and there was a powerful breeze blowing today down by the marina, where these palms line the walkway. Their ability to bend and bow deeply to the wind is what allows them to survive even hurricane-force gales.

I was aiming for a slight vintage feel to the photo, kind of “old Florida,” which you used to see more of before the massive and soulless development of recent times. The kind of character that the community of Coconut Grove has. It’s a place with palms and patina. That’s why I love it so much.

Here is a unusual shot of palm trees by photographer Juergen Roth, who used intentional blur through a longer exposure and camera panning to achieve a wonderful abstract effect. I must try this.

4 thoughts on “Palms and patina

  1. I am so happy for you Ottawa-area folks. The weather makes such a difference to people’s spirits. I can tell from the lilt in their writing that everyone is lighter these days! And I know how much you love songbirds…Enjoy their sweet melodies…
    Thanks for the great feedback!

  2. I agree with Mary Lou – love the mini-vacation that you take us on every day! Your writing style and photography combine for a very sensory experience. Love your palm tree shot.

  3. Hi Sherry – I didn’t know you were born in Singapore! I love your shot of the palm trees, and that lovely wedge of blue sky. Love the mix of posts – photos, boat lure and lore, places to visit. For five minutes every morning I’m in Florida! Meanwhile, snow’s almost all gone up here in the Gatineaus, and most of the songbirds are back. Spring! Love – Mary Lou

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