Welcome aboard Windsong II!

We’re now officially living aboard Windsong II!

Yes, we’ve just learned our new boat name from Transport Canada. We submitted a list of three choices and they approved our second option.

We had hoped to call the sailboat Watermark II after our first boat, but apparently there is already a Water Mark II in Canada. Drat! In this country, all registered boats must have a unique name.

So we got our second choice. Those of you who knew our second boat, the Hunter 260, will know it was called Windsong. We’re happy to have the news, and we can proceed to plan our name-changing ceremony 😉

Since most of the cargo was already on the boat, we just needed to stow our food and clothing. It’s amazing how this boat swallows things up.

We’re looking forward to being outdoors, living on the water and being rocked to sleep at night. Living on a sailboat is much like camping, but in a moving tent.

We’ll let you know how things unfold with us…do let us know how things are with you!

15 thoughts on “Welcome aboard Windsong II!

    A melody from the sea with words inspired by nature everywhere
    May all your travels and ventures be likewise
    Can you not tell I love her name
    sis suz

  2. The boat originally belonged to my parents (though it had a couple of other owners between then and now). They named the boat after Tsehum Harbour, the boat’s home port. Tsehum (pronounced “See-um”) is apparently a Coast Salish word meaning “place of clay”. Tsehum Harbour is in Sidney on southern Vancouver Island. Fortunately none of the other owners changed the name, which is still the one that my parents registered way back in 1976!

  3. The name is lovely – I’m amazed no one had already grabbed such a nice one! Have a great cruise! I’ll be thinking of you, already out on the water, as we begin our preparations for this summer’s cruise aboard our own Tsehum Lady…which unfortunately, must include the annual haulout and bottom painting routine!

  4. Congratulations! You guys look so happy. Maybe next year when we make it down we’ll be able to see it. Have a fantastic time! Love Janet

  5. I always wanted to be a hippie and tour the world, Helene, but I was too young! Guess this is my chance to make up for that. Bob, well, I think he just loves sailboats! Thanks for stopping by…

  6. Congratulations to both of you! You sound like 2 « young» hippies ready to tour the world .

    Enjoy your new boat. I like the new name .
    After all , you would not have named Charles , Angus II LOL!
    Take care ,

  7. Congrats! You both look so happy. All the best on this first voyage aboard the new boat.
    Hugs – Mary Lou

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