Happy Birthday, Bob! (50th post)

I haven’t been able to post for a while because the Internet speed at the marina has slowed down (!), so I’m taking advantage of being at Leo’s house to put up a quick one.

We celebrated Bob’s birthday last night with Leo and Joan at the Sailor’s Return restaurant, which is right next to the Sunset Bay marina. We ate and drank excellent food and watched the sun set by the boats. A great time was had by all!

We’re planning to haul her out and put her on the hard next week (how’s that for nautical jargon?). We’ve pretty much decided on the boatyard we’ll be leaving her in. It’s very secure and not too far from where we are.

There are just a few (!) things to be done before and after that. We have to take the sails off the boat, change the oil in the two diesel engines, take all the canvas off the boat, wipe the inside of the boat with vinegar, put bay leaves in the cabinets…etc etc.

Then we can come home!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Bob! (50th post)

  1. A big Happy B-Day hug to you, Bob! I hope you both enjoy the packing up of your sweet sailboat. Safe travels home. Love– Mary Lou

  2. Bob – Happy Birthday! I thought you already had your 50th a few years ago. 🙂
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog – great job Sherry.
    Take care, John

  3. Happy Birthday Bob! Best wishes for your next year which promises to be an exciting year for you both.

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