Now, how did that happen? My 100th post

You know how one things leads to another, and before you know it, something small gets bigger and takes on a life of its own?

Well, that’s what’s happened with this blog. One day I sat down to write a little blog post to keep in touch with family and friends during our extended sailing vacation last winter aboard Windsong II. When I came back to Canada in the spring, I thought I might continue with the occasional post to share some of my photos.

The next thing I knew I had published 100 blog posts! Now, I realize 100 posts is not many in the grand scheme of things, especially for professional bloggers or for those who have been blogging for years, or who blog every day.

But for me it is a surprising number. And what is even more mind-boggling is that so many people have visited my little blog in that time…I’ve had almost 9,000 views and have had visitors from 73 countries, including Belgium, Chile and Tunisia (for heaven’s sake!).

That’s got to be more than friends and family!

One thing that has completely delighted me — and which I never anticipated — is meeting and getting to know the most amazing people through the blog — whole-hearted people who live life with talent and gusto. Passionate people who love expressing and sharing themselves through photography and writing, and all types of art. People who inspire me with their artistry, their kindness and their desire to make the world a bit better through their contribution. If you’re reading this, I’m talking about YOU!

Many of these folks live in Canada and the U.S., but some are much farther away. Fortunately, distance does not seem to be such a barrier when connecting through our blogs.

One group in particular has been a sweet gift — these are the women I met through an online Photoshop class with Kim Klassen.  Denise started a Facebook group that allows us to check in with each other regularly to share our creative flights of fancy and to encourage and support each other. We talk Photoshop and photo techniques, yes, but we also show each other snippets of our days and what makes us come alive with joy and wonder. I would love to name all of you here, and I want to thank each and every one of you for bringing your dazzling voice and vision to the rest of us.

Postcards from new friends…

One day Viv suggested we swap postcards. We jumped at that with enthusiasm, creating postcards from our own photos and mailing them off to each other. Each week there have been beautiful new surprises arriving in the mail. I love being able to look at and touch the tangible evidence of the way these kindred spirits see the world.

There are some other very special people who have made this whole blogging experience so rewarding and enjoyable for me. I really want to thank them for coming along for the ride, and for their ongoing encouragement and generosity of spirit. These lovely folks all have wonderful blogs (click on their names to see them), which I love and which I think you will really enjoy too.

Please know that I appreciate every single comment I receive — short and sweet or long and thoughtful — because I recognize the time and effort it takes to read a post, really look at an image and formulate a response. But whether you comment or not, you are most welcome here any time — to have a look at what I see through my lens and what it means to me.

I never really set out to get here. Still and all, this is where the path has led. And it’s a good place.

34 thoughts on “Now, how did that happen? My 100th post

  1. Dearest Sherry – Here I am, behind the times, catching up on e-mails. And so first off, CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th post! I’m inspired by your dedication, and love reading and viewing your posts. Second, I agree with Elena, in that you are a highly talented writer. Words and images comes together beautifully and powerfully. And third, thank you for listing me. I deeply appreciate your encouragement, as well as, from time to time, your West Highland Terrier-nudges to keep my going! Big hug — Mary Lou

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  3. I loved reading this post – very thoughtful and full of information. I too love Kim Klassen’s work (as you probably know).

  4. Hello Sherry, I finally found out who “unknown” is on my blog. I suddenly had the idea of clicking on the mysterious name! Thank you for your visit on the exercise of “Chiaroscuro”. I don’t know why there is this issue between your blog and mine! Other visitors from wordpress don’t seem to suffer from the same problem.

    I love your sunflowers shot at the top and realize that you are celebrating your 100th post! It’s amazing how things snowball, isn’t it? Well done!

  5. I love this post, Sherry! We’re so thankful to have met you here online, and we sure do appreciate you mentioning us in your special post! Congratulations on your great milestone here, we’re definitely looking forward to 100 more!

  6. Congrats on the 100th post!!! It is a big deal whether you post a lot of little. It all takes work and should be commended. I remember when I received my 100th post icon in my inbox….I was so giddy. Isn’t it wonderful we can still find pleasures in the simple things.

  7. Honoured to be on your list, but you are too kind to include me with the others. I’m glad that I can say that I’ve read every one of your first 100 posts. They have always been a great read, because you are a VERY good writer. But I will say that there is a new tone, and new sense of your self-discovery that infuses your more recent posts. It’s honest, humble, authentic. I love it. It really resonates, and clearly not just for me, as I can tell from the response your posts get.

    Your posts would be wonderful even if you were only a talented writer and an excellent curator of quotes. But when you add your amazing eye for an image, along with your obvious editing talent, this blog becomes a thing of wonder!

    So happy that I can go on this journey with you. Thank you.

  8. Sherry, not only do I want to congratulate you on your 100th post but much more. Thank you for your kind mention and I really look forward to visiting the others you have linked to as well. I have to tell you that I find you have such a beautiful giving spirit and it’s been sheer pleasure discovering and meeting you through our blogs. Although I am not a daily blog reader, I always look forward to popping by (now that I discovered you) and reading your posts. I must also tell you that it’s because you write so well that I keep coming back. Not all bloggers can hold my attention so you’re certainly deserving of praise for your skills as a writer as well as your photography. Here’s to the next 100 posts!
    PS: How on earth do you know how many visits you get and where the visitors are from?

  9. Congratulations, Sherry! 100 posts is an impressive accomplishment, especially when those posts have been consistently beautiful, interesting and inspiring, which yours have been. And thanks so much for your kind words about my own blogging efforts. Like you, I treasure the connection and creative spark that comes from being part of such a great community.

  10. Such a wonderful post! Congratulations on a 100. I feel that for those of us who don’t blog every day that is a VERY BIG number. I agree that out FB group has been a huge encouragement.

  11. Congratulations and hugs to you Sherry! 100 is a huge achievement and something to be very proud of. Especially as each of those 100 posts is a quality one. You know already you are one of my role models. 🙂

  12. Sherry, congrats on 100th post !! Very nice post. I too love our group too. So much inspiration and encouragement… here’s to another 100 !

  13. Sherry thankyou so much for such a lovely post, I don’t think anyone could have known how the groupies and the postcard swap would take off. Congratulations on your 100th post here’s to another 100….

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