Time for a change of view…a photo meditation on a city park

Appreciation, gratitude, affection — these are the qualities city folks bestow on their parks. Beauty, serenity, tranquility, majesty — these are the rewards they reap in return.

Adapted from Landt Dennis

On this sun-drenched holiday weekend, I’ve been fortunate to spend time in a beautiful green space that lines the Humber River in Toronto. I shared the park with people of all ages, engaged in walking, cycling, picnicking, playing, and dreaming.

We all know from our own experience that being in such a space can lift our spirits, heal our woes and rejuvenate our flagging energy. But many studies have confirmed that time spent in nature relieves mental fatigue specifically by restoring the ability to concentrate and pay focused, effortful attention. The sights and sounds of nature absorb individuals effortlessly. Through rest, concentration is renewed.

With my camera around my neck, I am drawn to the sparkling light, the multi-hued green, and the gestures of the folks enjoying the space separately and together. I try to capture a slice of this in photographs.

Looking at life through my lens bestows on me great gratitude, appreciation and affection for this city park.

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