Beginner’s luck…

This was one of the very first textured flowers I ever attempted. Call it beginner’s luck, but it came out fairly well in spite of my lack of technique and rudimentary grasp of Photoshop and layers. But I just remember having so much fun creating it. And today it is still a personal favorite and one of my most popular pieces on Flickr.

I think it will always be important to me because it gave me a hint of what was possible with photography. It was the beginning of a new and exciting direction that I’m still exploring and learning about. I’m hanging this work in the gallery over at Photo Art Friday which this week features our favorite or best pieces of photo art. I can’t wait to see what else is hanging there!

21 thoughts on “Beginner’s luck…

  1. I am privileged to have this beautiful piece of art hanging on my wall. You are a great photographer, as well as having a wonderful way with words – a winning combination! I truly treasure this lovely gift. Thanks so much Sherry. Love, Mum

  2. It’s absolutely wonderful! You have such a marvellous eye for the balance between light, saturation and contrast… and with that eye you can find your way through the technology. Knowing the technology, however, doesn’t necessarily help at all if you don’t have the eye… Thank you for sharing this!

  3. I would have been so excited to create such a gorgeous piece too! Thank you, Sherri, for sharing your talents with Photo Art Friday.

  4. you obviously are a natural for doing textures. I too think this is stunning and see why it’s your favourite. I’m also thrilled to see you have had it printed and have it hanging on your wall! I bet it makes you feel great each time you look at it up there. Lovely.

  5. this is just wondrous, Sherry. I know how you share you are feeling when I look back over the photos of Gracie that I have been fiddling with this year. it comes back to me like it was just a moment ago, the way I figured out how to DO this or TRY that. Life is sweeter when we enJOY ourselves and play. I just love this one and loved hearing why you love it and chose it, too!!

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