My grandmother had definite ideas about colour. She used to say that pink and orange “screamed” at each other. I think it stemmed from the fact that she was blessed with thick auburn tresses and had been told she could never wear pink because it would clash with her hair! And did you ever hear the one: “Blue and green should never be seen”? That happens to be one of my very favorite colour combinations.

Thank goodness ideas about colour change over time.

I have written about my colour preferences in photography before. It’s fascinating to go through your archives and pay attention to what colours and combinations you are repeatedly drawn to and how you handle colour in your photography. I highly recommend it.

I have noted that I generally steer away from riotous mixtures of primary colour. Well, not always! The image above is a multi-coloured bougainvillea hedge that we pass all the time.  Yellow, red, pink, orange and purple flowers all coexist perfectly side by side. No screaming, no clashing!  (I do think the harmonious effect is helped by the shallow depth of field though…)

I added the colour storyboard at the bottom as part of the challenge for Week #11 of an online course I’m taking with Kim Klassen. I doubt this palette would have appealed to my grandmother…How about you?

Don’t forget to check the Daily Post for more colourful entries.

Weekly photo challenge: Colour

24 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Colour

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  2. I just love bougainvillea because it comes in such vibrant shades and the flowers are so unusual. Your capture is just lovely.
    It’s amazing all those pre-conceived ideas we had about colours in days gone by, isn’t it? Blue and green are one of my favourite colour combinations too and I even like pink and red, if it’s the right red and the right pink! Pink and orange are glorious together and orange and yellow too – one could go on and on! Aren’t colours wonderful?!

  3. Yes I remember no pink for redheads…two of my cousins have red hair and they were not allowed to wear pink…I remember being quite shocked the first few times I saw a redhead wearing pink…LOL…I love the now….anything goes color pallet.
    Your photo and story board are quite stunning…enjoy the day.

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  5. What happy colors these are – beautiful! Blue and green are my two favorite colors and I wear them together all the time. I’d bet that 75% of my closet is some variation of blue and/or green! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous color board.

  6. Having the same colouring as our grandmother, I side with her on the pink and orange thing. But only when I’m wearing them! Clearly, nature has the colour thing all figured out!

  7. I love this palette of colors and ironically I just came from another blog where I commented how much I loved a piece of art they had created with deep blues and greens! Love this image and the DOF you created!

  8. ‘green and pink fit for the sink’; ‘pink and green should never be seen’. So said my Grandmother but your colour story board is a super sorbet mix and that green tones it all down just enough to make it a most palatable palette

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