I can’t let go…

We arrived back in Canada last night after four months in warm southern climes living on a sailboat. While I am glad to be back for many reasons, I’m having a bit of trouble letting go of the sun, warmth and light, which all enliven me. But I do have photographs…

I have shared on this blog some of my images of land and waterscapes and flora and fauna — all in colour. But as a lover of black and white photography, I thought I’d share one of my favorite shots before I let go of the past and immerse myself in the present — the unique beauty of spring in eastern Canada.

This photo was taken in West Palm Beach the day I attended a wonderful exhibition of Annie Liebowitz photos with a friend. The midday sun was hot and strong and not really conducive to many of the kind of images I am often drawn to. But it was great for casting shadows and highlighting architecture. And that lends itself very well to black and white.

I love how the strong diagonal lines and the rectangular shapes of the light building are stamped with the shadows of the palm trees — the iconic shape of the tropics everywhere.

There’s just something about black and white images that tends to stick with me….

Sharing with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday. (Processed with Kim’s storm texture.)


Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.
Walt Whitman

15 thoughts on “I can’t let go…

  1. I also love the warm weather…what a wonderful time to be gone for 4 months…Love how you shot the building and the black and white is working really nice with those shadows…I would have loved to have gone to see Annie Liebowitz work.
    Welcome back…enjoy your spring…
    And thanks ever so much for your lovely comment on my blog…

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  3. I can understand how hard it must be for you to let go … I feel that way after only one week at the beach! Glad you’re home safely, though.

  4. Welcome home! I know what you mean about not letting go. I’ve found this too, every time we’ve been away – though happy to be home, there is a transition that has to be made and that takes a bit of time and a certain mental shift that isn’t always easy! I’m sure you’re struck by the extra living space that’s suddenly around you – don’t you find the house always seems huge after coming home from life on the boat?

  5. Welcome back to your land home, Sherry! Once you get past the cold and rain and muted end-of-winter browns and greys, may the faint tinges of green and red on the budding trees inspire and delight you. Warm hug, Mary Lou

  6. Settling back into Canadian life and climate on the east coast again after all that sun you enjoy for your four-month getaway!
    I can see why you would love the strong diagonals and sharp lines of the above capture.I also like the fact that the shadows of the trees and their rounded fringed shapes soften the geometric shapes. I also like the semi-circle shapes of the roof and the shadows beneath them.

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