Liberating art through postcards…

I’ve always had a thing for postcards. I’ve bought them, sent them, swapped them and collected them for years. (Last year I was inspired to design a collection of postcards from my own photography to raise money for a local charity.)

Did you know that there is even a name for postcard collecting? Deltiology. That must make me a deltiologist! And you too possibly…Tell that one to your friends.

So why do I love postcards?

postcardsI see them as fascinating little pieces of public art that are affordable and available to all.

And since they’re not enclosed in an envelope when they’re put in the postal system, people other than the sender and receiver can see and enjoy them as they travel through the mail.

When I heard that the incomparable Kat Sloma was organizing a postcard swap I couldn’t wait to participate. Kat is the wonderful photographic artist behind Liberate Your Art.

Kat started this swap three years ago to encourage people to create, share and connect through their art. And I, for one, am very grateful for her inspiration and all her efforts to bring this lovely idea to life!

What postcards did I receive in the swap?

I’m thrilled with the artful, heartfelt and diverse postcards I received from Michelle, Sarah H, Rebecca, Eileen and Sarah. And of course Kat.


Michelle writes: “Wherever you go, whatever you do, know that you are so very special. Trust that truth.” A sweet message and isn’t this just the coolest bicycle?

Sarah writes: “Greetings from Holland, Michigan. This picture is of the doors of our lighthouse Big Red located on Lake Michigan.” Sarah loves exploring and documenting the visual riches in her environment. See more gorgeous shots of Big Red on Sarah’s blog.

I first met Sarah virtually when we both signed up for an online course with Kim Klassen. As online buddies, it is a special treat to get one of her postcards.

Rebecca writes: “All your life you were only waiting for this moment to be free.” Thanks, Rebecca, for this line from one of my very favorite songs and beautiful evocative image….


From Eileen Harwood

Eileen writes: “Live. Laugh. Love. Create!!” I was delighted also to get one of Eileen’s postcards. I first got to know her unique style when we both took an online course with Kat Sloma last year. She tells me that this image is of a turn-of-the-century (19th) railroad baron’s house on a hill overlooking the Mississippi River Valley. As someone who often visits and does the tours she loves that this roof can be seen from inside only if you tour the very top portion of the house and take the time to look into the peak like this through some interior windows. A fabulous and intriguing view, Eileen.

sarah 1
From Sarah

Sarah says: “This swap spurs me on to be more creative and think outside the box. I hope my little card will do the same for you. ;)” Absolutely, Sarah. I love your adorable creation and looking at your postcard will always remind me to spread my wings creatively.


“Adorned and Alone” from Kat Sloma

And Kat’s postcard this year — always a wonderful surprise — is stunning, as is the rest of her art. If you’d like to follow the fascinating work of an exceptional photographic artist, just check out Kat’s site.

Kat believes: “we all have a unique vision of the world, there is no right or wrong point of view. Everyone’s voice deserves recognition in the conversation, thus making the world a richer place. Being an artist is a choice we make, by creating and sharing our vision.”

 And if you are moved to take a course with Kat, I promise you will learn more than you could ever imagine.

And what postcards did I create for this year’s swap?

I’ve been taking my passion for photography seriously for several years now. It connects me with so many things I value — stillness, nature, animals, beauty, humanity — I don’t know how I could ever live without it now. I have come to see differently — to see more. I have come to take less for granted and to have greater reverence for “the real.”

I share my images and my photographic journey — my explorations and experimentation — here on my blog. But it’s also fun and rewarding to send them out into the world in more concrete form, as postcards — and this swap was a perfect opportunity to do just that.


The first image was made with cherished old binoculars that belonged to my grandfather. I was lucky enough to spend the winter on a sailboat in Florida and I brought these with me for good luck. I love this quote — to me it encapsulates so much I believe about photography.


The second card featured an image of the Atlantic Ocean and craggy rocks I took on Hutchinson Island in Florida this winter.  Over and over I am drawn back to the sea and I do think it has a healing effect, as the quote from Isak Dinesen suggests.


The third postcard expresses a deeply held belief, articulated beautifully by Marc Nepo. A simple, delicate tree flower  onshore at our marina can bring so much sweetness and joy if you stop and look long enough to let the beauty sink in.

blackandwite card

This postcard was created from my grandfather’s binoculars, a set of dividers and an old map of the Bahamas. I converted the image to black and white and processed it with textures from Kim Klassen. I made this image because I have always had a bad case of wanderlust and would really love to be travelling all the time, going everywhere and seeing everything…

I found out that the card ended up with Shelly at Second Glance. Glad you liked it Shelly!


This photo was taken in December at a horse farm not too far from our house. It says winter in the country to me. It went to Kat and I do hope she likes it.

red bougpostacrd

This last image is of a branch of bougainvillea backed by a hedge of multi-couloured bougainvillea flowers. It was processed with textures for a painterly look. I lived my early life in the tropics and I’ve always adored tropical flowers. The colours were so vibrant and fiery they stopped me in my tracks and I had to try to capture their energy and happiness.

If you received one of my cards, I’d love to hear from you!

Kat made a wonderful video featuring a piece of art from each of the participants. Watch it here.

If you’d like to visit other bloggers who participated in the swap, just click below. You’re in for a treat!

51 thoughts on “Liberating art through postcards…

  1. All beautiful cards–both received and created! I must have a thing for bicycles, because I’m definitely digging all the ones I’ve come across so far!

  2. What a lovely post! You received some beautiful art and the art you sent out into the world is stunning! After my first swap last year I got involved in Postcrossing (through Kat); check it out, you get to send your art into the world all year round! Cheers! Sheila

  3. Hi Sherry – I love your photos and the quotes. Especially the one with the map and binoculars and the Susan Sontag quote. This blog hop is making me want to get more creative with photography!

  4. Beautiful cards given and received! So glad you took part in the exchange. What a great way to connect with other artists around the world. I am amazed at the diversity in the artful postcards both given and received. I love how you presented them here, and were able to trace where some of them went.

  5. what a beautiful post! Everyone I stop to visit shows me new methods and gives me new ideas. Thank you for sharing so beauitfully and for visiting my blog.

  6. That line gets me too. I suspect it’s very meaningful to the sender as well. And what you say is so true — isn’t that the astounding thing about art?

  7. Hi sherry, yes I love what you pointed out about how the art not only gets to be enjoyed by the receiver but also by all the hands it passes through on the journey. Lovely to visit you here & see all your cards x

  8. Love all the postcards you got Sherry. Yours are very beautiful as well. It is wonderful to see what my friends created even though I didn’t one from anybody I know.

  9. Your postcards are lovely.
    My favorite of the ones your received is the blackbird.
    The line from the song made me feel unexpectedly emotional, even tho I’ve probably heard and played that song hundreds of times in my life. Funny how an image or a snippet of a song can transport you into the center of your soul at the speed of light when you least expect it….

  10. Well, I didn’t receive one of yours, sadly, cuz they’re all gorgeous. I especially like the wanderlust one. All the ones you got are lovely, too. So many talented people.

  11. Oh goodness I love everything you received and all you sent. Thank you for letting me know I am a cool deltiologist! I have never heard that word before 🙂

  12. A lovely post Sherry – the last few weeks have been such fun – all the great connections we’ve made. Such a great selection of cards.

  13. Sherry…your blog is just gorgeous and I love how you’ve presented the images you received. The postcards you sent are wonderful and beautiful as well…oh how I wish I would have gotten one from you…maybe next year! :o)


  14. Beautiful cards and beautiful post. I love how this swap is connecting and liberating so many artists to put their work out there. Your photography is amazing, the seascape postcard just leaves me mesmerized!

  15. Such beautiful cards. Love this swap so much and seeing everyone’s artwork. Such a fabulous way to connect. 🙂

  16. Sherry, this is a wonderful sharing of cards you received in the swap. I love the captivating postcard images you created. And thanks for providing the link to KatEye Studio. I enjoyed the video. Postcards are wonderful in their reach to others to stay connected in a life we only live once. I like the way you describe them as being public art. 🙂

  17. So fun to hear about each piece you created for the swap, and the connections you made. And to learn there is a term for a person who collects postcards! Through running this swap, I’ve become a deltiologist too. Deltiologists unite! That will be our rallying cry for next year. Thank you so much for participating this year, Sherry!

  18. This was such a wonderful experience wasn’t it? I had seen the binoculars photo in the video that Kat did and was immediately taken with it and wondered who created the image. And now I know! 🙂

  19. Wonderful post…Love your postcards…and what wonderful art you got in return!.. I’m enjoying hopping around all the blogs to see what lovelies everyone else got in their mail 🙂

  20. Beautiful post. Now I know I’m a deltiologist! 😀 This was first year to participate and I’m already looking forward to next year!

  21. Enjoyed seeing the cards you received and sent for the swap. It was such fun to participate in it again. Thanks for the little tidbit about Deltiology. I never knew there was such a thing. I have a feeling I’m going to let my inclinations to purchase or make postcards run with free rein this year.

  22. I love how you’ve written about the swap and showcased them all so beautifully. As you know, outside of the LYA 2013, I was fortunate to receive that beautiful horse postcard :~) and I’m so pleased. I can hardly wait to get time to go through the many blogs and see what art was shared. Did you watch the video? Love.

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