Celebrating one fine mother…

This was a special weekend. Our family gathered together in the Niagara region to celebrate my mother’s 85th birthday and Mother’s Day. Mum had already had three parties in Toronto with her friends, but she’s always up for another one! 


Processed with Kim’s textures

On the drive down to Toronto, it was finally looking like spring in Ontario, and when we stopped for a bite to eat, I found it hard to resist grabbing my 50 mm lens and aiming it upwards to capture some new leaves and blossoms. So I didn’t resist. I’m sharing this with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday, Black and White edition.


After a delicious breakfast of asparagus strata made by my sister, we headed out to explore wine country. We ended up at the Good Earth Food and Wine Company where we had reservations for a garden lunch.

Well, the temperatures had plummeted from the sunny warmth of the previous week and it was raining on and off, so the lunch could not be held outside in the peach orchard as planned, but that could not dampen our high spirits.



The Good Earth Food and Wine Company is a combination bistro, cooking school and winery. The lunch was moved into the cooking school building and all the servers and chefs rose to the occasion with grace and good humour.




Lemongrass marinated pan-seared chicken, potato rosti and spring vegetables


Arctic char en croute with quinoa salad and mustard drizzle

good earth

Honey cheesecake with stewed rhubarb

The food was perfectly prepared, the wine was well matched with the food, and the venue cosy and warm.

And our fine mother felt very appreciated and celebrated and loved, which is the most important thing of all.

16 thoughts on “Celebrating one fine mother…

  1. what a sweet time you had! i’m quite sure your mother was blessed! your photos are gorgeous, the food looks delicious, and i would love to have a place like the good earth here where we live! it sounds lovely! i’m visiting from kim’s site, and the image of your leaves and blossoms is beautiful! hope it warms up for you again!

  2. special day indeed – bless your heart — I know your mother is beside her self with all the sweet attention and LOVE..
    Nice place to eat = wow wee yummy!! Great shots of the day.. Love it!

  3. Hi Sherry — Lovely capturing of a lovely day. Your mother must have been beaming with all that love shining at her!

  4. How lovely that your mother felt appreciated and loved and was celebrated so beautifully. She is lucky to have children like you and your sister. Beautiful shots of your day together. I love all the portraits and the special one of your mum. Great selective focus on the peach orchard and all the photos have a wonderful glow about them – I can feel the love and happiness come through!

  5. Well that sounds like a lovely day and all the photo’s are really lovely . You Mom sounds like so much fun and good for her for partying…I’m going to be like that…
    Thanks for sharing your special day with us…

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