Photo-Heart Connection


Riding in the car with Mum…

My mother today: pointing the way, helpful, warm, feisty, generous, well-dressed (don’t leave home without your earrings!), funny, chatty, engaged, optimistic, and with a long-term memory that makes me envious…

This photo was taken the weekend we celebrated her 85th birthday en famille. It’s a new favorite of mine. And my photo-heart connection for May. (With Kat Sloma.)

38 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection

  1. It is amazing what this photo expresses, without seeing any of her face! I’m glad you got to spend this wonderful milestone with your mother. It sounds like she will be around for many more. Thanks for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection this month!

  2. Fabulous photo….tells a story instantly, the one you shared and/or the one the viewer creates. Hope that long-term memory is genetic, and there’s no shortage of short term memory either.

  3. Love this image. What a beautiful, natural shot that makes me feel I know your mum a little bit even though we’ve never met. Great photo heart connection.

  4. Love this photo as it stirs memories. My mother too was always dressed well for the occasion, ear rings, a hat and always a colorful dress. Symbolic of the pointing finger, I’ll show you the way. A much appreciated photo, thanks!

  5. So expressive! I love the pointed finger and the smile she obviously has on her face. What a lovely optimistic outlook she seems to have on life! She sounds like a real inspiration to you.

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