Friday Five and Some Faves…

  1. I’m an island girl at heart. I was born on island (Singapore) lived in Puerto Rico as a child and then on the island of Montreal near the water. As a young adult I lived in Jamaica and then after that in Ontario, Canada, but I’ve never been far from water of some kind (canals, rivers, lakes) in any of my homes. I’ve travelled to dozens of islands all over the world and love them all. (Penang and the Aran Islands are two favorites.) I’m lucky these days to spend part of every year on a sailboat.
  2. I have no problem sleeping sitting up or in most other positions. In fact I once fell asleep on the back of a motorcycle (not for long…) I believe that the cure for anything is a good sleep.
  3. I can’t believe I’ve actually sold some of my photographs through Getty Images. My secret ambition is to sell one that is used for a book cover.
  4. I really dislike the cold, but for some reason I have always wanted to go to Iceland (to take pictures among other things.)
  5. I love to go to art galleries and soak up the inspiration of painters, photographers and other artists. Some of my icons are Lawren Harris, Georgia O’Keeffe, Wassily Kandinsky, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Minor White and Freeman Patterson. When I really get analytical, I can see how all of these have been unconscious influences on my photography. A dream is to go to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in New Mexico.

Some favorites for you this week

The most beautiful, creamy, non-pasturized honey ever — and it’s from the Gaspe region of Quebec Canada

Creative Live training videos: Free while live, and extremely useful…can be addictive

The Good Life Project interviews with Jonathan Fields: informative and entertaining – check out the ones with Lissa Rankin and Susan Piver

How to make a smoothie: yummy

Dogwood by Diane Schuller

My Manifesto: I kinda like it. Thought you might too.

Have a great weekend all, and for my fellow Canadians, wishing you a great Canada Day!

Linking with Nancy’s Random Five Friday.


11 thoughts on “Friday Five and Some Faves…

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  2. I love your Friday post…I always find something really interesting here…I should start doing this…well, maybe someday.
    Love the honey but don’t think that is available in the states…need to start watching creative live…thanks for those tips.
    And for you my friend, definitely get yourself to the Georgia O’Keefe museum…actually you would love all of Santa Fe…I’m going back some day..
    Have a beautiful Sunday..

  3. Ditto on number 5 — and I agree about sleep — getting a very well rested body is a happy body and MIND.. Awesome image — indeed!!!!!

  4. Awesome photo. Congrats on selling one, hope you sell others. You’ve sure lived lots of places. Very interesting. Sleep sitting up…wish I could.

  5. What an interesting life you’ve had on your islands… you must have some wonderful memories of these gorgeous venues. Thanks so much for sharing your 5 facts this week. xo

  6. I just realized that the way I wrote that was very confusing…I DO live in Ontario. I lived in Jamaica a number of years ago! I’m going to fix that right now! Thanks!

  7. Well I have to say, I am shocked by a few of these facts. I didn’t know you lived in Jamaica.I thought you lived in Ontario? How did I not know this? The blogging world is just so intriguing…learning something new everyday.

  8. Enjoyed reading this one, you are truly an interesting and creative person. Island Girl would be a great name for a sailing vessel.

  9. Very cool facts about you, Sherry. Number 2 applies to me too…I could drink a gallon of coffee and still would not have issues sleeping! And Iceland is one of the places I have on my bucket list!

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