5 thoughts on “Diagonals…

  1. You sure are showing off your curves today Sherry…very nice and the finish is lovely…I’ll have to show this post to my hubby…he’s a big wood guy and he loves to carve…we were antique shopping yesterday and he found himself the sweetest box to keep all of his carving tools in…lined and the wood is walnut. Little draws and he thinks he got a great price…$300.00..he looked up the company while we were there and the same thing, still being made is over 1,000.00. The funny thing is, he never buys anything for himself…This is a good find on your part also…xoxo

  2. I very much appreciate your always thoughtful comments, Sandra. I was sorely tempted to do the 50 mm with Kim, but I’ve set an agenda for myself for August and I just can’t fit it in. 😉 But I’m sure I will take part again in one of her courses in the future! Enjoy.

  3. So nice to see this beautiful staircase on your blog as well as on Flickr where I also left a little comment!
    I’m doing the 50mm project exercise again since we, as former students, have been invited. Are you joining us?

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