Not knowing…


Taken en route to the dogsitter’s house around Clayton Lake, Ontario…


how would it be to allow for knowing

and not knowing:

allowing room

for the mystery

of creating

to be able to wonder


without needing to understand everything

to trust in the process

to trust in love

to trust in the mystery and wonder

of the universe

that beats softly wildly


all round about us,

that is hidden

in the mists

in the clouds and the rain

in the wind blowing and the rain lashing down on your window,

reminding you



that this is where you are,

on the island,

at the edge,

in a place of finding

and refinding,

and remembering

to remember

the feel of the mist, wind and rain.

John O’Donohue

26 thoughts on “Not knowing…

  1. Perfect, Sherry. The image conveys quiet reflection and peace, and the John O’Donohue poem is one I’m going to add to my stash!

  2. The coat is called “bad-weather-coat” in the catalogue (Johnnie Boden – England – maybe they need these Outfits even more than us in Germany haha) I tested it today on a walk. It didn’t start raining, thanks goodness ; ) haha

  3. Hi Nic. I often change the colour of the background of my blog to complement my images, leaving the rest alone. 😉 It sounds like your new coat is quite pretty! The last few days we’ve been able to still go without coats here but that will change soon!

  4. p.s.: you changed the looks of your blog, too, didn’t you? my “bad-weather-coat” I have just purchased the other day happens to have exactly this autumnish colour 🙂

  5. What a wonderful, wonderful blog entry in visuals and words, Sherry.
    I am stopping by only for a minute but will be back enjoy this poem and your photo again thoroughly in 2 hrs or so.
    xo Nic

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