Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

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Continuing along the thread of poetry I started, I found (was given, actually, by my poetry troubadour friend) this simple poem about simplicity by a Palestinian poet named Taha Muhammad Ali.

Every since I started making images, I have been striving for simplicity. It’s what speaks to me most directly and powerfully and what resonates most deeply. Often it is a simple impression I want to convey, a feeling, a mood, even an idea…

This week’s photo challenge is about capturing moments of wonder “when the infinite catches us by surprise” stumbling “upon it in things both big and small.”  And for me, it is often the small things that I return to over and over — a silent leaf caught in the light can be every bit as glorious as the thumping thunder of Victoria Falls.


And so

it has taken me

all of sixty years

to understand

that water is the finest drink

and bread the most delicious food

and that art is worthless

unless it plants

a measure of splendor in people’s hearts.


I recently read a wonderful post by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits that touches beautifully on the essence of simple living. It’s about stripping down to the very basics — and revelling in them.

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42 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

  1. Such a wonderful post…photo’s are gorgeous and I just love the poem..simple but with purpose…sort of reminds me of a Haiku…I’m going to look up that book…thanks for sharing.

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  8. These photographs represent the simplicity of what we see, which often, we overlook. I’m getting a truly zen feeling from all of them. Happy weekend Sherry and Happy Thanksgiving. xo

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  11. Very beautiful, Sherry. I especially love the wonderful lighting in the first two shots. So well captured with sensitivity! Lovely poetry.

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  14. With your workshop of last week on “plenty” in my mind, Kim, I find it particularly meaningful to contemplate how much abundance and simplicity have in common, in the face of the infinite.

  15. Thanks for dropping by Kim and leaving such a kind comment. You have been — and continue to be — a big inspiration to me. When we remain open and aware with a beginner’s mind is when we often catch a glimpse of it.

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