The New York Series, Part 5

Top of the Flatiron, detailsbandw3

Top of the Flatiron, details1000

Still on the Flatiron Building today in this the fifth part of my New York City series…You can scroll back to see the other four parts, if you wish. I feature shots of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline.

Because a lot of the joy of looking at the Flatiron Building is in the details, I wanted to show them to you closer up. This was taken with my 70-200 mm zoom, at 70mm. It has been cropped.

Before I cropped it, I took three different exposures into Photomatix and processed them as a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photograph, but with a natural look. Then I converted one to monochrome, leaving a hint of blue.

I may print this one, or one like it. Just curious, which version do you prefer?

Thanks so much for helping me out today — and I really appreciate all your kind and thoughtful comments on this series. I read and smile at every single one!

12 thoughts on “The New York Series, Part 5

  1. I was no help to you with your poll – I really can’t decide which one I like better. I usually lean toward black and white for architecture, but your processing leaves the color one fabulous too!

  2. What an imposing building! I definitely prefer the coloured one because the stonework is such a lovely honey colour and those little stylized flowers around the edge show up so well in the colour. The pale blue sky is a perfect finish to the golden stone. Colour gives a softer image. You must print the one you like the best and not be swayed by other’s opinions!

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