The New York Series, Part 6….


Kids coming home from school with Mom…

I find street photography to be one of the most challenging types of photography to do well, but since people are endlessly fascinating to observe and wonder about, I can’t help wanting to try it when I travel.

Framing and composing the image and pressing the shutter at just the right time to tell an interesting story is not easy. Especially when the subjects are moving — since they often have no idea they are being photographed. So many times I miss the most interesting action or cut somebody’s head off or something…

And then there’s the question, black and white or colour? Fortunately, that decision doesn’t have to be made until afterward, in post-processing. I read a helpful interview with New York photographer James Maher, which helped me decide which of my images I would convert to black and white and which ones I would leave in colour.

These are just a few of my favorite candid images of people doing what they do in New York City….

“How the heck are we going to get there from here?”

Grand Central Terminal

“As long as I have my cell phone, I’ll be fine…” at Grand Central Terminal

Putting up the tree lights near Rockefeller Plaza

“Some weird lady is taking a picture of me…”

Planting ornamental cabbages on the street for winter colour…

11 thoughts on “The New York Series, Part 6….

  1. I love street photography but I find it so difficult to get a good shot…I always feel like I’m invading their personal space. These shots are excellent, I love the 2 women with the map, their expressions are priceless!

  2. A beautiful variety here. What an amazing backdrop GCT makes. I find the tree lights image compelling with its shapes and contrasts, and love both the simple blue-red-neutral of the Radio City scene and the brightly coloured gardeners contrasting with the green. Black and white is always classy (especially in your hands) and is how I imagine street photography, but I’m so glad you didn’t convert all of these and let the colours of the city shine out too.

  3. Another lovely series, Sherry. So many cell phones! Do people even have time to think any more on their own without sharing it immediately on their phone?! All nice captures. Those girls looking at the map look a bit anxious – perhaps they ended up in the wrong street?! I love the hanging of the lights and prefer the red tops of the three gardeners to the cabbages they are planting!

  4. Although I think B&W is perfect for street photography, I think you got the right mix here. The color photos work perfectly in their element while the B&W do the same. I agree, street photography is hard. In part because you’re literally shooting a moving target but also because it’s hard {for me} to get past my self-consciousness. ‘Here’s this lady with this honkin’ big camera taking pictures!’ In NYC maybe less so, but elsewhere … I find it hard.

  5. I also love street photography, I don’t do it well at all but still love trying and that is what it is all about for me. Love the two girls trying to find there way. Marvelous

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