The New York Series, Part 8…

Just a few details observed in the Big Apple:

Some of the subway stations have amazing mosaic tile work…

Preparing for dinner at Casa Mono, a wonderful Gramercy Park Spanish tapas restaurant…

It was Halloween, so we could expect a few ghosts and other characters…

A parade of costumes in Gramercy Park…

Window detail…

24 thoughts on “The New York Series, Part 8…

  1. It’s all about the little details and I love all that you have captured here! I especially love that stunning mosaic, that certainly grabbed my eye!

  2. The colorful mosaic would really look awesome on your boat!! The “framed by fall” is just so sweet, as is the window with ivy!

  3. These ones are a bit of a grab bag, and I do have many more detail shots that show other facets of the city, but they may have to wait for another time…alas…thanks for travelling with me this time Sandra….

  4. “Small moments of wonder”. So well put, Indigo. Yes, there were many, some that I captured, and many more that I didn’t. But that’s one thing about going to new places, you are more attuned to all of it!

  5. Thanks, Diane. There are SO many amazing details that didn’t make it into this post for lack of time. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share them some way in the future. I think you might enjoy some of them. Thanks for coming along with me to NYC!

  6. what a lovely selection. That mosaic is really a remarkable work of art. Your detail shots are just that — full of interesting detail. I love getting a real taste of NY through these images.

  7. More fun photos from your trip to New York. The colourful subway station mosaic is very colourful, but my favourite capture has to be the last one with the delicate reflection in the window!

  8. So many moods and faces of New York here. I’m looking through this collection with a smile on my face, feeling like for a moment as though I got to walk there beside you and see these small moments of wonder. Your eye for detail and gift for framing a scene unite all of these different images, different though they are. Oh and that little ghost tickles me!

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