The day’s blank slate…


In the morning, everything is new.

The day’s blank slate lies before me,

ready for my writing.

May it be words of beauty I write.

May it be deeds of grace I do.

May it be thoughts of joy I think.

All the holy ones, listen;

this is what I pray.

Great spirits of the four realms,

Holy ones of the realms of minds,

Kindreds of yore,

as I go through the day,

keep my eyes open wide.

May I not miss beauty.

May I not miss joy.

May I not miss wonder.

Keep me awake and aware of the world.


Thanks to Ceisiwr Serith…

10 thoughts on “The day’s blank slate…

  1. That was beautiful Sherry…love that quote…might have to steal it…
    Your photo to go with it was beautiful…
    I think I posted my tree on the same day…we were on the same wave length..
    Have a nice weekend…

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