New York Revisited…



new york contrasts

New York contrasts



The Chrysler Building from below


lamps in grand central

Beautiful lamps in Grand Central Terminal

Oh my archives! I have so many images in them that I’ve barely looked at…especially from my past trips.

Now that my beloved Nikon is away for servicing, and I can’t be out there shooting, I thought I’d get to one of the items on my projects list — identify some images to print and frame.

Since I’m drawn to architectural images on a wall and I love neutral tones, I immediately thought of all the building images I had shot in New York and then not done anything with.

As I dig into these archives, I thought I would post a few images here. I think some of these would work well together in a wall gallery. And if not these, I do have many more!


8 thoughts on “New York Revisited…

  1. Even though I am definitely not a “city person”, I do find these images to be really interesting – I especially love the reflections on the buildings. I’m always wanting to shoot such images when we’re driving through Vancouver – and have tried a few, but not often…it’s seldom possible as we’re always in a car, rushing along in the traffic in order to catch a ferry!

  2. Nothing like that New York skyline and you do it so well, I love the Grand Central and it is funny I don’t remember those lights. Wish I did because they are stunning, gives me a reason to go back I suppose.

  3. My archives are getting bigger and bigger in the same way as yours Sherry…I haven’t edited or sorted Savannah yet and that was back in December…and so many beautiful photo’s there…funny when I was doing film..I printed and make albums right away…hmmm. I think I have a summer project here..
    Love your lines and lights and images…New York, New York.

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