Some favourite places in New York City…

In my previous post, I talked about and pictured a favourite building in New York — the Flatiron Building.

Here are a few other favourite places. On this trip, the rain prevented me from going to Central Park — the best park in the world in my opinion —  but I’ve made images there on at least two other occasions.

Union Square Park, which is down around 14th street, was designed by Frederick Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, the same two who designed Central Park. You can see the same design philosophy at work on a much smaller scale. I find it fascinating to read about  how they so consciously used trees and plants, paths, tunnels, bridges, berms and ledges, and water features to affect people’s experience of a park.

Grand Central Terminal is another place I’ve photographed before — but I keep going back there because there’s so many beautiful details to shoot and so many ways to shoot it. And this time I was there on Thanksgiving Day, one of the busiest travel days of the year, so it was bursting at the seams with people. It’s an incomparable place to people-watch. I could do it for hours. Actually, I think I have.

I’ve been very fortunate to have had some exceptional meals in New York — some mind-blowingly amazing meals in fact. The most unbelievable ever was at Eleven Madison Park, where we went to celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday some years back. My sister and I thought such a milestone birthday was deserving of a special meal — and I’m sure it will be the only Michelin three-star restaurant I will ever eat at in my life, so I treasure the memory and the event it marked.

Another great meal was at Mario Batali’s Casa Mono on one of my last trips, which was so busy that we could only get a reservation at 10:00 pm. But so worth the wait. I didn’t eat there this year, but I did go back to take a picture of the place, which is in Gramercy Park, a favourite neighbourhood to walk around in.

Of course, I have many more favourite places, including the Metropolitan Opera — where this year I had the good fortune to see world-famous soprano Anna Netrebko perform in Manon Lescaut. Sadly, I did not get a good picture of that amazing place and experience. It will have to live on in my mind only.


August Break, Day 3


August break, Day 3, Windows

This month I’m joining Susannah Conway and many others around the world in the August Break project.

I hope to post a photo a day, inspired either by the daily prompt or by something around me.

Today’s is not a new image. I shot it back last October. But I’ve been working on reprocessing older images with newer techniques lately, so this is new in a way…

The prompt today is “Window” and I thought I’d offer the massive grandeur of the 75-foot Beaux Art windows in Grand Central Terminal in New York. This gorgeous building celebrated its centenary in 2013, as you can probably guess by the “100”.

I also wanted to share the work of an artist who is new to me and who has grabbed my attention this month.

It’s not often I find a photographer’s whose whole body of work makes me sit up and take notice. Today I’d like to introduce you to the work of Helen Boyd, who lives in the beautiful English Lakes District.

I stand in awe of photographers who can convey a distinct mood with their photography, along with a sense of place and story. Helen’s shadowy minimal landscape shots certainly do that for me. She is a master of the subtle gesture. The way she captures wisps of colour enchants me, as does her lovely black and white work.  She blogs at Helen’s Journal and is on Facebook too. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more from Helen.


New York Revisited…



new york contrasts

New York contrasts



The Chrysler Building from below


lamps in grand central

Beautiful lamps in Grand Central Terminal

Oh my archives! I have so many images in them that I’ve barely looked at…especially from my past trips.

Now that my beloved Nikon is away for servicing, and I can’t be out there shooting, I thought I’d get to one of the items on my projects list — identify some images to print and frame.

Since I’m drawn to architectural images on a wall and I love neutral tones, I immediately thought of all the building images I had shot in New York and then not done anything with.

As I dig into these archives, I thought I would post a few images here. I think some of these would work well together in a wall gallery. And if not these, I do have many more!