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Still on my New York City kick {smile} I’m joining today with The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Converge.”

Not only does this image convey “convergence” to me, but so does the experience of New York.

“To come together from different directions; to meet.” That is what happens here.

Different people with different habits, preferences, beliefs, attitudes, practices, backgrounds etc. etc. coming from very different places meet here in a huge, diverse city like New York; they rub up against each other, sometimes to positive effect, sometimes not, sadly.

Much as I like to surround myself with the cocoon of the comfortable, the easy and the familiar, I also like to voyage out to see what life is like in very different places. I like to be challenged by what I experience. Just as change can be energizing, so can confrontations with difference.

The truth is we all have to come together and get along somehow in this world. Being unable to identify with the lives and ways of those who are not like us can set us up to judge, objectify and ultimately hate and hurt those who we consider “the other.”

The vital need to stay open and strive to find common ground in our common humanity is one thing that New York City will always symbolize to me.

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15 thoughts on “Converge…

  1. I always think of you as a very talented landscape/seascape photographer but with this black and white beauty you’ve captured the full impact of a cityscape – sensational Sherry

  2. Sherry, what I find intriguing about your beautiful photo is the contrast between that calm, empty water and the city crammed with buildings and unseen people. It’s so apparently quiet and peaceful, while the reality is so different. This is excellent.


  3. One of my many favorites from your NYC visit…stunning convergence! I so agree with your thoughts here, NYC is certainly a wonderful melting pot.

  4. New York is so photogenic and you have captured a beautiful angle on the above photo – it feels like entering the gates of a magical city! I like your text too!

  5. Your words are as beautiful as your photo…this is such a wonderful example of the beauty and light of New York…your passion for this city excites me…
    Have the best weekend Sherry.

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