And the winner is…

declan at the top of the fallshigh rez.jpg

Gobsmacked is the word I would use to describe how I felt when I was notified that my picture of Declan (above) won the Editor’s Choice award of Macleans Magazine’s Great Canadian Photo Contest for the month of February.

It’s a good word; I know it well described how my face looked when I read the email from Liz Sullivan, the photo editor of the magazine. I had entered the contest on a whim, with no expectations at all. I was surprised and delighted to be selected as a finalist, but I never imagined in a million years that I would win.

A fabulous photo by Isaac Paul won the Reader’s Choice Award for receiving the most votes on Facebook. His was a colourfully lit and evocative image of a man playing a saxophone in a funeral home. It was beautifully done and the other eight photos were all splendid as well. I was honoured to be in their company.

I am indebted to my friends, family, fellow photographers and contacts from all over for supporting me through votes, shares and encouraging comments about the photo. It  really was quite enough for me to be voted in the Top Ten — to go on to win one of the two top prizes was just so much extra whipped cream on the ice cream!

A special shout out to grandson Declan, an active and adorable little guy who is always on the move, and who gives me so many reasons to pick up the camera and capture his antics. And huge thanks to his parents and sister, who moved to the Northwest Territories a few years ago, and who welcomed us for a visit that allowed us to see more of our fabulous country  North of Sixty with them.

The award comes with a cash prize and inclusion in an exhibition at the end of the year with all the other winners. I look forward to attending that.

And a final word: I know that many of you reading this and checking in on my blog from time to time are fine photographers with wonderful bodies of work to your credit.  I know because I follow you too and I am endlessly inspired by your creativity and artistry.

You should consider entering a contest from time to time — credible ones with themes that you resonate with, of course. If you are Canadian, there are 10 more months to enter the Macleans’ Great Canadian Photo Contest. Each month has a different theme. March is food.

You probably think, as I did, that you don’t stand a chance, but you never know, it just might be your time to take home a prize!