Back on the boat, Part II…

So, what is it like to live on a sailboat on a mooring ball in a Florida anchorage while waiting for a weather window to cross to the Bahamas?

When I’m too old to do this, I’ll be able to look back on my photos and be reminded of what daily life was like. I will remember these days fondly..

Cooking and eating

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Getting things ready on the boat

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Some projects that have been installed:

  • new bimini that Bob sewed up at home
  • motor lift crane for the outboard
  • a new VHF radio with GPS, AIS and DHC, interfaced to chart plotter and new mike at helm
  • two new cockpit tables Bob made at home
  • new AM/FM stereo radio at nav station
Hanging out with friends

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Enjoying the environment

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16 thoughts on “Back on the boat, Part II…

  1. What a wonderful thing for you to do. I’m not much for being out on the water for too long, (don’t like sea smell) but I think your photos are just fabulous.

  2. Sherry,

    While you head to the Bahamas, I arrive on the windy North coast of the Dominican Republic for a month in my ocean front paradise. Always with a 30 km breeze, windows open wide, no screens and no bugs!!

    You certainly inspired me to get a new camera for this trip. Hope I can use the camera to make new friends, connect to the land, since I love the place I will be back next year.

    I’m one of the most advantaged person I know to land in the tropics with a major winter storm hitting my friends in Ottawa and Montreal and yet most of the apartments here are relatively inexpensive and vacant this month.


  3. Oh Sherry, I love the slideshows you put together. How wonderful that you both are making such beautiful memories on your boat. It shows like a dream.

  4. Very impressive that Bob was able to make a new bimini and cockpit tables at home – especially considering home is so far away from your boat! By contrast, when we make do a project like this, driving over to the boat (a whole 2 km from home) multiple times to check that we’ve done the measurements correctly seems like just a normal part of the process.

  5. It all looks so wonderful. So many memories of the good times. Challenging yourselves to learn and love an unusual way of living. The meals, so peaceful to be together with the natural gifts of nature while enjoying your very creative cooking.
    It was really lovely to watch your little moments of life on the big blue sea.

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