Sail to Great Guana Cay

guana beach for blog

Great Guana Cay has a seven mile beach and the island is not more than 400 yards wide at any point. The barrier reef makes for amazing snorkeling and diving.

We’re still leaving and heading back to Florida — really! — we’re not just trying to find excuses to stay here…

But our crossing has been delayed and so has our departure. So we took the opportunity to head over to Great Guana Cay with Mike and Keith and Bobbie for a bite of lunch at the famous Nipper’s.

We sailed over on Mike’s boat the Casey Dee. The voyage took about two hours each way and at one point I was below and Bob was at the helm.

bob on mike's boat

Mike has a 33-foot Alajuela and it is a great salty boat, which Mike has been singlehanding for many years. He is amazing to watch…his ease and calm come from all his experience and training as a licensed captain.

At one point the auto pilot took over and Mike and Keith and Bob were on the bow and Bobbie and I and Charles were chatting in the cockpit. It was a lovely sail at 5 knots with just the jib. Winds were 15 to 20 knots from the north.

mike and crew sailing to guana

bobbi and charles

bob and sherry 700

At Nipper’s — Thanks to Mike for taking pics of me and Bob together. I’ve trained him up on my back button focus and he does and great job!

While walking on the beach, Bob took Charles off the leash just at the time that a little white poodle showed up. Charles took a fancy to her and raced off and up the steep wooden staircase with Bob in hot pursuit. What a little devil he can be. After that he was tired so he just laid under the table while we ate (Charles, not Bob!)

Oh, it’s mighty hard to leave this beautiful part of the world.

Happy Easter to all of our family and friends!