Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

How to sum up a year in 12 pictures? I captured hundreds, if not thousands (actually thousands!), of photos in 2012. The raw photos I was pleased with I made into images, some were kept as records of memories, while most were deleted or ignored.

But some images made my heart beat a little faster when I was making them, processing them or looking at them afterwards. They evoked a strong feeling in me — one of aliveness, ¬†awe or deep serenity. And all of my favorite images seem to connect me to a sense of joyfulness, gratitude and wonder, which have been my constant companions this year on all my journeys.

Each of these images was captured on one day in a different month of the year. When I look at them now, I realize that the images take me right back to those 12 days — and a delicious memory. Why do I recall the feelings of those days so much more intensely than other days?

I believe that it was because making these images required a heightened awareness and called upon me to focus my attention in an almost a meditative kind of way. I was powerfully present in these moments.

I have chosen these 12 to represent my year in pictures. How would you represent your year? (To see larger images, just click on one.)