A wider view…


View of Manatee Pocket from the canal beside the marina.

It so often happens that I want to get more into my image than I can, especially when I’m around waterscapes. It occurred to me that I could use the panorama feature of Photoshop to capture some wider vistas. So I decided to do a bit of experimentation earlier this evening.

This image is composed of the following two stitched together.


24 mm


24 mm

It’s vital to keep the exposure and focus and white balance exactly the same in both images to make this work. You need to overlap anywhere from 20 to 40%. And the alignment is critical of course, which is not that easy, even with a tripod. But it’s quite fun to press the photomerge button and see the images combine into one. Now I need to get out there and get some more practice with larger panos…

Here are some easy-to-follow tips from Scott Kelby on creating panoramas.