Created for Beyond, Beyond with Kim Klassen. Processed using Kim’s “violet” and “isobel” textures.

I have always loved clouds. I love that they are always changing and moving. They don’t get bogged down — they just move on. This morning the sky was clear blue when I looked up. Later on, it was covered with small puffs of cloud. Now it is clear blue again.

When I was a girl, I was in Girl Guides (same as Girl Scouts in the U.S.) I was really into getting badges for baking and orienteering and making fires and stuff. One of my favorites was meteorology. We had a neighbour, Mr. Brown, who was a meteorologist at the airport for Montreal. He kindly offered to teach us what we needed to know for the badge. We learned all the names of the different cloud formations – cirrus, cumulous, nimbus and all the permutations and combinations.

Now as someone who lives on a boat part of the year, I spend a fair amount of time looking up at the sky. Knowing what the weather is doing is an important way to keep safe.

Sometimes our internal weather is stormy. It can help to remember that we are not our turbulent emotions and our troubled thoughts. At our essence, we are like the pure blue sky beneath all the weather — still, calm and care-free.

Finally, in honour of my father, mother and sister and a memorable trip we took to the Bahamas in the seventies, here’s Joni Mitchell singing Both Sides Now. Enjoy.

You are the sky…

22 thoughts on “You are the sky…

  1. I love everything about this- the clouds, the reference to Joni Mitchell, the text on a path- and the Pema Chodron quote- your thoughts on our internal weather- just beautiful!

  2. Okay, working on catching up in 2B and checking out the links for inspiration. This is so neat, Sherry! I think I liked the type on a path best but since I haven’t actually tried yet … how would I know? Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I also love that quote…especially this year when it’s been such a long winter…I love how you look at the world (and the sky) and I’m sure those that are beyond the clouds are watching over you.

  4. That’s a great quote to keep in mind. Too often we let the emotional ‘weather’ define who we are, when really it’s just passing clouds. Beautiful photo and a thoughtful post, Sherry. It’s fun imagining you as a Girl Guide.

  5. Thanks for the memories! Mr. Brown, Girl Guides and “Both Sides Now” (though I still like our lyrics better!) One thing that I always love about flying is when you climb up through the clouds and realize that the sky is always blue above the clouds (at least, in the daytime!) When the weather is cruddy down below, you almost think the blue sky has gone away, rather than that it is just obscured for a time. I think of our essence as being that blue sky that is always there, regardless of what the clouds are up to.

    (And BTW, don’t forget the clouds called “Stratus” – one of my favourites!)

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