Philosopher in red…


The scene here is the Philosopher’s Walk in Toronto, a scenic footpath not far from the famous intersection of Yonge and Bloor (where I used to work many years ago).

This hidden byway runs in the north-south direction. On one side is the Royal Ontario Museum and on the other is the Royal Conservatory of Music. As you walk (or bicycle) you are surrounded by beautiful Old Victorian buildings and stately old trees. Sometimes you will hear musicians rehearsing in the courtyards. This is the heart of the University of Toronto campus. If you head south from Bloor, you reach the trendy Annex neighbourhood. It’s a handy shortcut for many.

I was surprised to learn that the path follows a ravine landscape created by Taddle Creek, which was once a natural waterway and is now flowing underground. People from all over of all ages come here to people watch and enjoy the verdant loveliness right in the heart of the city. And perhaps to philosophize.

The August Break 2013